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Empty tomb, true freedom

The amazement of Mary of Magdala is the amazement that each of us feels in the face of something unexpected, which falls upon us and which we cannot control, mostly in situations that are already difficult in themselves. In the dark of the night, in the dark of the heart, everything seems to sink. Mary goes to the tomb in search of her beloved and, as the bride ofSong of Songs, does not find it, thus becoming the first witness of the empty tomb.

This image, which heralds the resurrection, displaces at first glance. It is still a question of the sepulchre, a place of death, but emptiness sets it in motion. The darkness of the night, the silence of waiting for Holy Saturday open up to a frenetic dynamism that involves others.

Peter and the other disciple, John, also discover the empty tomb, however only of the second it is said: «He saw and believed». Verifying the sign of the empty tomb, learning to be lost in order to then activate oneself in personal research are essential for faith, but a blind and pre-packaged faith is not possible without giving oneself and receiving completely inlove. The resurrection is incomprehensible to the man who lives only on the intellect and does not relate to others and to the Other.

John waits for Peter: what does it mean? Perhaps the younger one awaits the older one out of respect, or the beloved disciple had to take a further step: still tied to formalisms, he was probably worried about making himself impure: one could not come into contact with the dead, least of all before celebrating the Easter. John, then, must also overcome these barriers to open himself totally to the Risen One.
Today we too are called to contemplate the resurrection by making an effort to dry all our physical effort, to welcome peace and joy, the first gifts of the Risen One, to make our life an authentic song of praise that makes it brighter and more open to the whole world .

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To be resurrected, to begin again, to resume the journey, we always need to return to Galilee, that is, to the living, concrete and palpitating memory of the first encounter with him.

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Jesus the Christ he taught us that death is not the last word, it does not win, if we don't want to and if we have faith in the Light. She remembers and walks. Let's remember and walk together. Serene Resurrection ❤️🧡💚💙

Eugene and Remigio Ruberto
Prayer of April 9, 2023
Prayer of April 9, 2023 4

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of April 9, 2023
Prayer of April 9, 2023 2
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