Read and listen to our little prayer of March 30, 2023

We must marvel at every whisper, every breath of wind, every person who passes by us.

In every sister, in every brother, there is Christ who talks to us.

We must never forget the time and the way God enters our lives: to keep fixed in our hearts and minds that encounter with the Grace which kindles faith in our hearts and ignites in us zeal for the Gospel.

Pope Francis via Twitter
Prayer of March 30, 2023
Prayer of March 30, 2023 4

Prayer to St. Joseph

O beloved Saint Joseph, God in his sleep he manifested to you his mysterious plans for your future wife Maria and the mission to protectJesus, the Savior of the world.

Now we entrust to you our prayers, our desires, aspirations and hopes, so that they are present in your dreams and can be realized for our good.

A good that always makes us more friends than yours son Jesussource of physical and spiritual well-being.

Get us the strength to promptly carry out the will of theFathertowards us and, from your example, we can learn not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by life's difficulties and always feel your paternalhandprotector, in ourshand.

Keep us, today as yesterday and tomorrow, in your sleep as a just man.

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of March 30, 2023
Prayer of March 30, 2023 2
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