Read and listen to the prayer of February 25, 2023

Tomorrow will be the first Sunday of Lent. Pope Francis reiterates every day, even through Twitter, that this is the best time to forgive, to love, to end all wars…

All this evil, this wickedness, this negativity in our lives, how can they be defeated?

Come ha fatto Jesus stesso; l’unica arma è la Parola di God.  

Chi si nutre della parola di God, sazia la propria fame di senso e di felicità, è riconoscente, vive con sobrietà e si interroga costantemente su come condividere i beni ricevuti con i brothers needy.

prayer of February 25, 2023
Eugene e Francesca nel baule – 11 luglio 2017

To you, Eugene

guardian angel of our family, we ask you to free us from temptations and from wanting things and objects at all costs; help us to overcome anguish and discouragement; protect us from the evil that the devil presents to us as good and from the error presented as truth.

Donaci la pace e la serenità, perché nessun avvenimento ci turbi, nessun male fisico o morale ci faccia dubitare di God e del Suo love.

We ask you for us, for our family members, for our friends and for our enemies, but above all for those who also turn to you tonight and remember you.

Good night

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of February 25, 2023
Prayer of February 25, 2023 2
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