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History has taught us so much, perhaps everything: it has taught us religion, faith, the justice, equality, thelove.

We have also learned all this from mistakes, cruelties, wars, injustices, abuses, discrimination, hatred.


Have we understood, have we understood all this, have we built current history based on the lessons of the past?

Using weapons to resolve conflicts is a sign of weakness and fragility. Negotiating, proceeding with mediation and starting conciliation requires courage. #Peace

Pope Francis via Twitter
prayer of April 25, 2023
Prayer of April 25, 2023 4

If we are lucky enough to listen to women, men who still have signs of the Second World War on their skin, let's not escape them, let's listen with keen interest and passion: it will help us to be better, wiser, more just.

Anniversary of the liberation of Italy

L 'anniversary of the liberation of Italy, also known asLiberation Day(or just theApril 25), it's aNational holidayfrom theItalian republic, which is celebrated everyApril 25to commemorate theliberation of Italyfrom thefascism, the end ofNazi occupationand thefinal fall of the fascist regime.[2]

It is a milestone day for thehistory of Italyas a symbol ofResistance, that is, of the struggle waged by thepartisansstarting from 8 September 1943 (the day in which the Italians learned of thearmistice of Cassibile, just signed with theallies); it has assumed a properly political and military meaning.

source Wikipedia

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Prayer of April 25, 2023
Prayer of April 25, 2023 2
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