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Francesca at 11 already does a double job.

Double: what am I saying, triple, quadruple!

Francesca is the daughter, female, cuddly, loving, very sweet.

Francesca is a student, with excellent grades but above all with passion she studies and understands. And what she studies she assimilates, she molds it to let it flow into her own life, in her own experiences, in her own personal relationships.

Francesca is adored and adorable granddaughter. And she adores her grandmothers, living on earth by the grace of God and spiritually adores his grandparents of whom "the Foggiano" got to know him through my stories of daily life and real life experiences with me, his son Remigius; the "dragonese" grandfather was able to "taste" it for a few years, until another tumor tore it from the fertile land that he loved so much.

Frances is son, male, playful, computer enthusiast, basketball, rap music.

Frances embodies Eugene.

Francesca knows very well how much I miss the male by my side, and she also plays her role.

In addition to his brother's basketball shoes, in addition to the basketball that his brother loved, in addition to the No. 33 tank top that his brother had, in addition to the rap music that his brother loved, in addition, he has a brother's soul.

And if you don't believe in this Resurrection, from now on call yourself "Thomas"

Prayer of April 15, 2023
Francesca with tank top 33 of the SBC Caiazzo

The difficulty of believing

commentary of Mk 16,9-15, edited byCatherine Bruno

In this life
it is not difficult
it is far more difficult.

Vladimir V. Mayakovsky, In the old days

I enter the text (Mk 16,9-15)

Resurrected in the morning, the first day after the Sabbath, Jesus he first appeared to Mary of Magdala, from whom he had driven out seven demons.

She went to announce it to those who had been with him and were mourning and weeping. But they, hearing that he was alive and that he had been seen by her, did not believe her.

After this, he appeared in another guise to two of them, as they were on their way into the countryside. They too returned to announce it to the others; but they didn't believe them either. Finally he too appeared to the eleven, while they were at table, and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had not believed those who had seen him risen.

And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to every creature."

I get inspired

Many scholars claim that the writing of these last verses of the Gospel of Mark is later. The temptation would therefore be to consider only the previous part as "true", but if the women at the tomb really hadn't said anything out of fear, we wouldn't even have the Gospels. The very fact of being able to read about these apparitions makes us understand that the exhortation of Christ to bring the Good News to all was welcomed.

Our faith is based on the testimony of others. And we really let ourselves be seen?

A new time has begun, within that "first day", but we find it hard to believe it. For the mentality of the time, the testimony of a woman is not reliable, and yet Jesus he lets himself be seen first by a woman, moreover with a complicated past.

This is followed by the apparition to two of the apostles, but that is not enough. The word of the friend is not enough for us, of the comrades who have experienced you, of the many who have seen you right here, next to them. Is it too good to believe it's possible or don't we want to be disappointed? Never be that it is contagious, this coming back to life.

Does happiness scare us? Maybe, deep down, it's easier to think you're not alive. Knowing you dead leaves things as they are and as they always have been. And all your beautiful words remain sealed inside a tomb. They are rendered harmless. Tame.

They spare us having to go out to meet each other, love your way. The fatigue of absence feeds on the relief of maintaining the status quo. The sepulcher is our hardened heart… it is the closed community that comes together to break bread without offering it to others.

But you continue to believe in us. And it is precisely us, with all our limitations, that you ask to announce. To participate in this resurrected life, to call everyone to life as you did. Without fearing doubts.

Catherine Bruno

source © GET UP AND WALK

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Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of April 15, 2023
Prayer of April 15, 2023 3
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