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Our wounds can be passages, openings which, imitating the wounds of the Lord, allow the mercy of God to pass through God, his grace that changes lives and transforms us into operators of #peace and of reconciliation.

Pope Francis via Twitter

"Where are you taking me?"

This is the question I often ask God.

“Do you want me to be your peacemaker? I am, always have been, and with Eugene next door I would have been better”

I answer him. Or rather: I answer myself

He is silent. That's all to say. In her silence there is all the answer

A look that is given to us

commentary of Lk 24,35-48, edited byDaniele Ferron SJ

Anyone who is no longer able to experience either amazement or surprise is, so to speak, dead; his eyes are dull.

Albert Einstein
Prayer of April 13, 2023
Eugene admire the sunset in Pizzo – 8 September 2018

Today's scene opens with the disciples of Emmaus leading the apostles and other disciples of the Gentleman testimony of what happened to them. What was the reaction to the story like? The text does not say so, but it is reasonable to think that they were sceptical.

And the very appearance of Jesus it does not improve the situation, as the disciples believe they see a ghost and are afraid. It's really Jesus what are they seeing? Is all this possible? Paradoxically, when they touch Jesus and they realize that the Lord is truly in their midst, they feel joy; but precisely this joy, which replaces fear, makes them even more incredulous. Jesus he is not discouraged and to prove to them that he is the Risen in flesh and blood he eats and then offers them the possibility of understanding more deeply what has happened.

This episode shows on the one hand how difficult it is to believe and to accept the fact of the Resurrection, on the other how much the Risen Lord never ceases to seek us out to bring Himself together and bring His Life. We don't just believe that the Lord died, making himself totally close to our lives in the most painful facts; we also believe that he is Risen, that death and evil do not have the last word because they have already been defeated.

Every time we meet the Risen Lord we experience the joy the Gospel speaks of. The joy of feeling that we are not alone, that our life is loved and has a profound meaning. Joy that we find not only in prayer, but also in meeting people who love us, when we feel understood and listened to, when we can see each other and be seen for the beauty that we are. Remembering these moments is important, especially when things seem darker. The Lord wants to show us our truth and our beauty, he wants us to have his same gaze on ourselves.

Daniele Ferron SJ

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Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of April 13, 2023
Prayer of April 13, 2023 2
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