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The Holy Spirit keeps the faith ever young: he is not tied to passing eras or fashions, but brings the relevance of Jesus, resurrected and alive.

Pope Francis via Twitter

Do you see me

commentary on today's Gospel: John 17,1-11, edited byMartina Pampagnin

Prayer of May 23, 2023
Prayer of May 23, 2023 4

This is the nature of truth love,
the operate from God,
steadfastness and never retreat.
At the cost of any sacrifice,
I don't go back.

Deborah Vezzani, INRI

I prepare

I close my eyes,
I focus on the present moment
free your mind from worries and thoughts,
I express inwardly my desire to be in the presence of the Lord

I enter the text (Jn 17:1-11)

During that time, Jesus, raised his eyes to heaven, he said: «Father, the time has come: glorify the Son your why the Son glorifichi te.

You gave him power over every human being, so that he would give eternal life to all you gave him. This is eternal life: that they know you, the only true one God, and the one you sent, Jesus Christ. Io ti ho glorificato sulla terra, compiendo l’opera che mi hai dato da fare.

And now, Father, glorificami davanti a te con quella gloria che io avevo presso di te prima che il mondo fosse. Ho manifestato il tuo nome agli uomini che mi hai dato dal mondo. Erano tuoi e li hai dati a me, ed essi hanno osservato la tua parola.

Ora essi sanno che tutte le cose che mi hai dato vengono da te, perché le parole che hai dato a me io le ho date a loro. Essi le hanno accolte e sanno veramente che sono uscito da te e hanno creduto che tu mi hai mandato. Io prego per loro; non prego per il mondo, ma per coloro che tu mi hai dato, perché sono tuoi.

All my things are yours, and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them. I am no longer in the world; but they are in the world, and I come to you."

I get inspired

È il tuo momento, la tua ora di massima gloria. Potresti pregare per te, chiedere di essere risparmiato dalla morte. Potresti chiedere qualunque cosa per te, ma non lo fai.

Your heart loves too much to think only of yourself. Your heart loves so much that your first thought isn't the fear of dying, of leaving the world you grew up in.

Your heart goes out to me, the least of people.

To me, who have felt invisible all my life. Your last prayer in the face of death walking towards you with a decisive and firm step is for me who am yours, your property. How can all this be? You should see the end in front of you and instead your eyes are filled with my face, with our faces in search of you, in search of eternal life.

How is it that we deserve all of this love? How is it possible that you, that you are God made man, you see each of us and until the end you pray for us, you stay with us, you entrust us to Father and remind us that we are yours?

The amazement and peace of yours love they move me and today they make me feel not visible, but really seen and remembered and guarded by you, by a love so big that I can't think of its boundaries.

Remind me, Master, when I feel invisible to the eyes of others and alone, that instead you see me and your eyes and your heart are always vigilant over me, ready to entrust to Father every step of mine uncertain.

Martina Pampagnin

I imagine

I try to visualize the scene, the place where it happens, the main characters, the words they exchange, the tone of the voices, the gestures. And I let my feelings emerge, without censorship, without judgement.

I reflect on the questions

When do you feel invisible?

Think back to that time you felt like you were seen. Thank the Father for this gift.

Who would you like to feel seen today?

I thank

As a friend does with a friend, I talk to the Lord about what I am receiving from him today…
I recite a “Father ours” to take my leave and leave the prayer.

Prayer to Mary, Mother of the Lord

O Mary, Mother of the Lord, turn your eyes full of goodness on this modern world in which
God ci ha chiamato a vivere e operare.

It is a world that turns its back on the light of Christ and then
geme nelle tenebre paurose che così ha creato davanti a sé.

Your sweet very human voice, o
blessed among all women, you invite every man to look at you: you are the lamp
which leads to Christ, true light of the world and only Savior of all. Beg for the world there
pace. Rendi fra loro fratelli gli uomini, ancora tanto divisi.

To the suffering, today many and new, get
il conforto e la pace, ai defunti la gioia senza fine.

This is our prayer, o merciful, o pious,
o dolce Vergine Maria.


Little prayer
Prayer of May 23, 2023
Prayer of May 23, 2023 2
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