Read and listen to our little prayer of January 5, 2023

L’ultimo commiato è sempre il più duro da superare, il più intenso da digerire, il più pregno d’love e sentimento.

While this evening we pray for the Magi who, following the star, went to meet the Lord to adore him, with contempt of courage and knowing that they were going to meet the wrath of King Herod, let us also pray for all the children and adults who are physically besieged by the new flu 2023 baptized “Australian"

Prayer for the Three Kings:

O most perfect worshipers of the newborn Messiah,

Santi Magi, veri modelli del Christian coraggio,

that nothing dismayed you of the onerous journey

and that readily at the sign of the star

you followed the divine aspirations,

obtain for us all the grace that in your imitation

s’abbia sempre di andare a Jesus Christ

and to adore him with lively faith when we enter his house,

and we continually offer him the gold of charity,

the incense of prayer, the myrrh of penance,

and we never decline from the path of holiness,

che Jesus ci ha insegnato così bene col proprio esempio,

even before with their own lessons;

and do, or Holy Magi, that we can deserve from the Divine Redeemer

his elect blessings here on earth

and then the possession of eternal glory.

So be it.

After a sleepless night, Giuseppina holds Francesca's hand, still feverish. Prayer of January 5, 2023
dopo una notte insonne, Giuseppina tiene la hand di Francesca, ancora febbricitante.

Let's pray together:

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of January 5, 2023
Prayer of January 5, 2023 2
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