Leggi e ascolta la nostra preghierina del 19 febbraio 2023

This evening prayer for all our friends and our friends, especially for those who have followed our direct YouTube of our new video podcast project.

Preghierina del 19 febbraio 2023
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If we have intrigued you, look here:

Let's pray together


Our Lady of Fatima, you who chose Francisco and Jacinta, two poor and simple shepherds, to announce to the world the wishes of your Immaculate Heart, help us to welcome your message of conversion, so that freed from sin we can live a new life.

Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, you who were capable of intense prayer, let the moment of daily prayer become for us the heart of our every day.

Voi che, seppur bambini, foste capaci di offrire grandi sacrifici in dono alla Vergine Maria per la salvezza dei peccatori, aiutateci a non sprecare le piccole croci quotidiane, ma a renderle offerta preziosa e gradita a Dio per la salvezza del mondo.

Our Lady of Fatima, through the intercession of Blessed Pastorelli Francesco and Jacinta, watches over all the children of the world, especially the poorest and most abandoned ones. Let them too find refuge and protection in your Immaculate and maternal Heart.

Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, Little Shepherds of Fatima, pray for us!

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