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Special day

Today is a special day for us friars of the Basilica of Padua! Sant'Antonio, in his house, is not only celebrated on 13 June, but also on the occasion of a particular anniversary: ​​the Feast of the translation of the Saint's relics, popularly known as the Feast of the Language.

Do you know why this Antonian anniversary is so important for the devotees of the Saint?

It is the memory of a prodigious event that took place in 1263, when Saint Bonaventure, in reconnaissance of the mortal remains of Saint Anthony, 32 years after his death, found his uncorrupted language.

Saint Anthony is the Saint of the Word: the Lord has preserved that Language which proclaimed and testified to Him, with courage and passion.

Through Saint Anthony the Lord, even today, reminds us how his Word saves our lives, and invites us to return to the heart of the Gospel.

For this important day, we friars of the Basilica have prepared a special gift for you: the Holy Card with the words full of wonder of San Bonaventura.

You can download it by clicking on the button below, always keep it with you and praise the Lord for the great works that he still continues to do in our lives today through Saint Anthony, our patron and intercessor.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

O blessed tongue,
quae Dominum semper benedixisti,
et alios benedicere fecisti:
nunc manifeste appart
how many merits exstitisti apud Deum.

O Blessed Tongue,
that you have blessed the Lord so much,
and you made many bless him:
now it can be seen clearly
quanta grazia hai trovato presso God.

These are the words of praise of Saint Bonaventure when,
more than thirty years after the Saint's death, he found the tongue uncorrupted.

source: newsletter St. Anthony of Padua

San Antonio of Padua: Prayer of February 15, 2023
San Antonio of Padua

Today we dedicate our little prayer to all the sick little ones, of any disease, especially the rare ones.

There are no winners or losers in disease: those who don't win the battle against cancer are not losers. He is privileged, he receives the Lord's call first. Who is left with the task of improving life, up to the eternal goal.

Prayer to San Claudio de La Colombiere

servo fedele e perfetto amico del mio Signore Jesus Christ, Insegnami la via della fiducia; insegnarmi l’oblio perfetto di me stesso, a rinunciare alla ricerca di me in quello che faccio, affinchè io possa contemplare in tutto l’love of God, stabilire la mia casa nel Sacro Cuore del mio Signore Divino.

Teach me to serve him with all that I am, unconditionally, like you, so that everything in me and through me contributes to his glory and the good of my brothers, with his grace and according to his design. Amen.

Let's pray together

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of February 15, 2023
Prayer of February 15, 2023 2
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