Read and listen to our little prayer of December 12, 2022

Questo momento difficile è anche un tempo di salvezza, nel quale il Signore, attraverso la Vergine Maria, continua a donarci suo Figlio, che ci chiama alla fratellanza, a mettere da parte l’egoismo, l’indifferenza e l’antagonismo, e a farci carico gli uni degli altri.

Pope Francis via Twitter

Dear Holy Father Francis, we would have loved to introduce you to our angel on earth, before he became an angel in heaven.

We have been close to you, in our "Roman holiday" which lasted 13 months, where other angels of theBambino Gesù Children's Hospital they gave us the best and last months of our boy's earthly life, immediately became a man.

In each of our steps, in each of our moments of family life we ​​have felt your love, we have felt the embrace of Jesus, we have felt the maternal warmth of Mary.

This evening we pray with ardor and feeling Saint Lucia: grant us the holy sight of the heart and the vision of love among our brothers and sisters.

Saint Lucia, who preferred to let your eyes be torn out so as not to deny your faith and stain your soul; and God, with an extraordinary miracle, has given you back two more healthy and perfect eyes to reward your virtue and your faith, and has made you protector against eye diseases, I appeal to you to protect my eyesight and heal my disease of my eyes.

O Saint Lucia, keep the light of my eyes so that I can see the beauty of creation.

Also keep the eyes of my soul, faith, by which I can recognize my God, understand his teachings, recognize his love towards me and never go astray on the path that will lead me to where you are, Saint Lucia, in the company of angels and saints.

Saint Lucia, protect my eyes and keep my faith. Amen.

Saint Lucia: Prayer of December 12, 2022
Saint Lucia
Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of December 12, 2022
Prayer of December 12, 2022 2
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