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It is unnatural for fathers to see their children wither!

Remigio Ruberto – 10 December 2019

If I only think back to the moment when I held my son's tousled and almost bald head in my hands, that unripe and brilliant head, sharp and tortured by laser beams, open to life and about to extinguish before the cruelty of an evil worm at the core of his being.

I shiver just thinking about it.

But a tear rolls down my face, and it reminds me that that thrill I feel today was love yesterday.

Only love moved my hands and allowed that haircut to make that radiotherapy less burdensome, thus making the warrior proud who wore that head capable of making the laser pointing at his neurons blush.

Giuseppina kisses Eugenio at Euroma2: Prayer of 10 December 2022
Giuseppina bacia Eugenio a Euroma2 – December 10, 2019

Erano giorni d’amore, erano giorni in cui emanavamo amore e la nostra aurea era visibile a mille miglia di lontananza.

Eugenio ci sfuggiva dalle mani, e noi riempivamo quelle mani d’amore così da rendere indissolubile il legame che ci unisce oggi fino al paradiso.

Saint John Paul II at the Gemelli
Prayer of December 10, 2022 5

Quante volte mi sono appoggiato al tuo marmo freddo, che mi dava calore solo per un istante: e parlavamo di Eugenio. Non capivo, non comprendevo il tuo dire, ma sapevo che era già nelle tue mani, fra le tue braccia amorevoli e calde di padre.

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto

O Maria Loretana, glorious Virgin, we approach you confidently, welcome our humble prayer today. L'humanity is overwhelmed by grave evilsfrom which she would like to free herself. She needs peace, justice, truth, love and she deludes herself that she can find these divine realities far from your Son.

O Mother! You carried the divine Savior in your most pure womb and lived with Him in the holy house that we venerate on this hill of Loreto,obtain for us the grace to seek Himand to imitate his examples that lead to salvation. With faith and filial love, we go spiritually to your blessed house.

For our families

For the presence of your Family it is the Holy House par excellence, from which we want all Christian families to be inspired, from Jesus every child learns obedience and work, from You, O Mary,let every woman learn humilityand the spirit of sacrifice, from Joseph, who lived with you and for Jesus, let every man learn to believe in God and to live in the family and in society with faithful righteousness.

Many families, O Mary, are not a sanctuary where God is loved and served, for this reason we pray that You obtain that each one imitates yours, recognizing every day and loving your divine Son above all things. As one day, after years of prayer and work,He left this holy houseto make his Word which is Light and Life heard, so again, from the Holy walls that speak to us of faith and charity, may the echo of his almighty Word which enlightens and converts reach men.

For the Pope and the whole Church

We pray to you, O Mary, for the Pope, for the universal Church, for Italy and for all the peoples of the earth, for ecclesial and civil institutions and for the suffering and sinners, so that all may become disciples of God. O Mary,on this day of grace uniti ai devoti spiritualmente presenti a venerare la Santa Casa ove fosti adombrata dallo Spirito Santo, con viva fede Ti ripetiamo le parole dell’Arcangelo Gabriele: Ave, o piena di grazia, il Signore è con Te!

Our Lady of Loreto: help of Christians

We invoke you again: Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, Refuge of sinners, Consoler of the afflicted, Help of Christians.Among the difficultiesand in the frequent temptations we are in danger of getting lost, we look to You and we repeat to You: Hail, Gate of Heaven, Hail, Star of the Sea! May our plea rise to you, O Mary. It tells you our desires, our love for Jesus and our hope in you, our Mother. May our prayer descend to earth with an abundance of heavenly graces. Amen.

Hello, Queen.

Little prayer
Little prayer
Prayer of December 10, 2022
Prayer of December 10, 2022 3
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