Read and listen to the prayer of April 21, 2023

Each of us in the course of our lives has experienced uncertainties and fears in what we believed and placed full trust in. What is the origin of this disturbance? Is there a link between doubt and faith?

Why have faith?

Without faith, certainty is lost and we are destined to grope in the dark, without a path or a path that can help us get out of suffering. In the complex world we live in, there is a great need for faith that helps us to live and face the difficult struggles of life.

Why have faith? 

If we can't trust something that communicates security, if we don't have something strong to believe in, we will always be the victim of uncertainty and restlessness. Today trust in the Lord and in his Work must be firmer than ever, because the need is greater than in the past.

It is thanks to wedding ring that we can be sure and project ourselves serenely into the future. Living faith as much as possible: this is an important way to guide those who are in doubt and do not know which path to take in their faith journey.

"Let us rather make faith our life – ha established the Saint Father – We try to practice it in service to our brothers and sisters, especially the neediest. And then so many doubts vanish, because we feel the presence of God and the truth of the Gospel inlove which, without our merit, lives in us and we share with others"

Between fragility and inner growth

In moments of joy and of certainty and in moments of doubt and trial we are animated by mixed feelings: we often feel a desire to live life to the fullest, but at the same time we feel an absence of clarity on how to do it. Every choice involves tradeoffs in terms of love to God and dedication to His work.

Vulnerability and doubt must serve to fortify our faith.

The uncertainty that affects faith drives us to know the Lord more deeply and the project he has outlined for us: in this sense, doubt must be seen as inner growth. Asking questions about faith is therefore good: only in this way are we driven to deepen ourselves and the path to take.

prayer of April 21, 2023
Prayer of April 21, 2023 4

The winning weapon

The tool that can help us in times of doubt and which is a pure expression of faith is prayer.“It not only precedes salvation– said Pope Francis –but somehow it already contains it, because it frees from the desperation of those who don't believe in a way out of so many unbearable situations". Prayer is a safe space in which we can dialogue with the Lord and confide in him our fears and what blocks us.

Always remember: the unshakable certainty to get out of doubt is thelovethat the Lord addresses to each of us: he gives us a gift every day and that's why we want to be witnesses.

Let's reflect on the importance of prayer and above all, before sleeping, let's ask our angels to watch over our rest and our life

Good night

Little prayer
Prayer of April 21, 2023
Prayer of April 21, 2023 2

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