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“The only important thing is to tell the world:“The Lord is risen, He is with us!".

Our testimony can only be this.

It doesn't matter to say it with these words; it must be said with life so that the world knows not only that Jesus he has risen, but who lives in us, who is now alive in us.

The resurrection continues, continues in the faith that is born in Christians.

The resurrection of Christ gave birth to the faith of Church, the resurrection of the Christ he must continue to give this faith to the world, he must bear witness to himself in our own faith.”

How difficult it is to have faith and spread the message of salvation bequeathed to us.

It has just resurrected, but all around us are constant tragedies. If we let ourselves be guided by human feelings we will never be able to appreciate the great gift received from Our Lord.

Prayer of April 11, 2023
Prayer of April 11, 2023 4

This evening's prayer is for all the people who are suffering in thesoul and in the body and fail to grasp the beauty of the Resurrection.

Do not cling to someone who is leaving, otherwise it will not be possible to meet the one who is about to arrive.

Carl Gustav Jung

I'm here for him, he's here for me

commentary of Jn 20:11-18, edited byEnrica Bonino knows

A relationship, a vital, profound relationship. A woman who can't move from where she thinks she is her lover. It is Mary Magdalene who gets up when it is still dark to look for the beloved of her heart, through the city, she passes all the guards, she looks for him and does not find him, she goes back and goes forward all in anguish and weeps. It's all a journey of research. And finally there is the encounter, which takes place on Easter morning and takes place in each of us who are called to have the same experience as Mary.

She is interested in where her Lord is, because she too is at home there: get used to seeing his presence that you don't recognize, outside the tomb, outside mourning, outside death... you no longer find him in death, but inlove who knows how to give life. Jesus calls her by name. Before, we always talked about Maria. Now you don't say "Maria," but "Mariam," in Aramaic, which is the familiar name by which Jesus he called her. For Mariam, meeting the Risen Lord is hearing him say her name, even in his own language, in his dialect.

This encounter for Mary marks the transition from death to life, from weeping to joy and has the name as its centre: she is called by name. Acknowledgment is just a personal calling by name. And the ending is this call, which becomes a mission: you make your name by reaching out to others.

What does it mean to call someone by name? We all have a name, the name is the person in relation to the other: our name is said by the other. Calling by name means something very strong: "I am here for you, as you are here for me".

Enrica Bonino knows


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Little prayer
Prayer of April 11, 2023
Prayer of April 11, 2023 2

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