Read and listen to the poem "Prato d'April" by Ada Negri

This evening I have the pleasure of reading you this beautiful poem by Ada Negri.

Ada Negri (Lodi, 3 February 1870 - Milan, 11 January 1945) wasan Italian poet, writer and teacher.She is also remembered for being the first and only woman to be admitted to the Italian Academy.View more

Let's read together

There was a meadow: with thick herbs, intermingled
with white flowers, and yellows, and violets;
and among them a buzz of a thousand little ones
happy lives; and if on the grass and the flowers
the wind blew, with bending of stems
the whole meadow changed color in the sun.

And butterflies flew, equal to petals
loose from the stems; and they get lost quickly
my thoughts in that area dance
where the wing was the flower and the flower the wing.

But where was that meadow? I don't know anymore.
And that gentle wind that descended
on thick grass, to return them
curved and blissful, and me with them, in which
So time did I understand it? I don't know anymore.

It was a dream, perhaps. And what else, or life,
ask you should I? lost life,
in your truth you are but a dream

prato aprile
April meadow 4

Let's listen together

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April meadow
Prato d’aprile 2

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