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Read and listen to the poem “Pick this little flower”

Hello to all friends of Eugenio and from all over the world.

This evening I will read you a new poem for our Nature written by Rabindranath Tagore from the site entitled "Pick this little flower"

Happy listening to everyone of this new poem!

cogli questo piccolo fiore
Pick this little flower 3

Let's read together

Pick this little flower
and take it. Don't delay!
I fear it withers
and fall into the dust.
I don't know if he will be able to find
place in your garland
but honor him with the compassionate caress
of your hand – and take it.
I fear the day is over
before I wake up
and pass the hour of the offer.
Even if the color is pale
and soft is its perfume
use this flower
while there is time – and seize it.

I hope you liked this poem tonight too and if you liked it tonight too, leave many goodnight stars and write a beautiful comment to help nutura.

Let's listen together

mamma legge la fiaba
Bedtime stories
Pick this little flower

Goodnight from your speaker Francesca and our little guardian angel Eugenio.♥

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