Peace will come of Charles de Foucauld

Hello brothers and sisters. Hello friends and friends. We don't just call it peace, we make peace.

peace will come
Peace will come 4

Let's read together:

Peace will come

If you believe that a smile is stronger than a weapon,
Se tu credi alla forza di una hand tesa,
If you believe that what brings men together is more important than what divides them,
If you believe that being different is a richness and not a danger,
If you know how to choose between hope or fear,
If you think that it is you who must take the first step rather than the other,

Peace will come.

If a child's gaze still disarms your heart,
If you know how to enjoy your neighbor's joy,
If the injustice that affects others revolts you like the one you suffer,
If for you the stranger you meet is a brother,
Se tu sai donare gratuitamente un po’ del tuo tempo per love,
If you know how to accept that another does you a service,
If you divide your bread and know how to add a piece of your heart to it,

Peace will come.

If you believe that forgiveness is more valuable than revenge,
If you know how to sing the joy of others and share their happiness,
If you know how to welcome the poor man who wastes your time and look at him with kindness,
If you know how to welcome and accept something different from yours,
If you believe that peace is possible,

Peace will come.

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Peace will come
Peace will come 2
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