Read and listen to the poem: “On the Christmas Tree”

This evening let's read together and listen to Gianni Rodari's splendid poem on the delicacy of Christmas.

Gianni Rodari

Giovanni Francesco Rodari, known as Gianni (pronounced /roˈdari/; Omegna, 23 October 1920 - Rome, 14 April 1980), was oneItalian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized inchildren's literature and translated into many languages. The only Italian writer to have won the prestigious

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Let's read together:

On the highest branch
close to the star
there is a true sparrow
chirping and jumping.
He saw from the windowsill
this fairy tree:
the window was open,
with a flurry it flew
on the highest branch,
right next to the star,
the real sparrow
chirping and jumping.
It's cold outside
don't chase him away
he is the Christmas guest
it will make you happy.
Of all your party
a crumb will be enough,
on the red tablecloth
will walk a little,
then he will return to his branch,
close to his star,
the real sparrow
chirping and jumping

Gianni Rodari

Christmas tree
On the Christmas tree 5
Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
On the Christmas tree
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