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Matthew Grimaldi

Last year, more or less these days, I saw on various social networks posts by Matthew Grimaldi. He was not my contact, nor did we have mutual "friends". A case… or better still an algorithm, he had wanted his posts to be highlighted among my posts. Nothing by chance.

I was very intrigued by it page of this young writer-master, who among his various characteristics cited: “seriously harms intolerance“.

The affinities between what he wrote, and how much I would have liked ours sons they received as education, as teachings, were many. I do not hide that my curiosity became very strong.

I was so interested in history di Matteo, che vedevo tanto densa di spunti di riflessione. Si, parlare di rispetto delle persone in quanto tali, parlare di inclusione, di diritti di ogni essere umano,… mi piaceva tanto ciò che Matteo diceva…

Matthew's books

Matteo has several books to his credit as a writer, The Jungle Book, The X family and Filo's violin.

I thought well of contacting him, to see if an interesting meeting could arise for the Eugene's birthday. Un messaggio lasciato in privato (al quale non speravo rispondesse rapidamente), la sua risposta con il numero di cellulare per un contatto più veloce.

Una telefonata che emozionò entrambi… Matteo si rese immediatamente disponibile a venire a Dragoni (CE) e a raccontare la sua storia, a raccontarci i suoi libri, a farsi scoprire, e ad aiutarci a trascorrere il compleanno di Eugenio tra amici.

Afternoon together

It was really a beautiful afternoon, with him and with the people who “they wanted to get excited“, among all our dear friend, collaborator and journalist Federica Landolfi, with those who wanted to get involved a little and wanted to set aside some preconceptions. Matteo told us about his books, how writing them had served to exorcise his fears, to understand how much each history human is unique and particular.

What a nice birthday, Eugenio!

Nulla a caso
Giuseppina, Matteo Grimaldi and Remigio
nulla a caso
Matteo Grimaldi and Federica Landolfi

Ma perchè ritorno a parlare di Matteo?

Dopo quel pomeriggio, siamo rimasti in contatto con Matteo; un messaggino ogni tanto, un commento su un argomento, una parola, a volte anche solo uno smile…

We learned that he would teach in Florence, that he was engaged in many activities both with his young students and as a promoter of that "better world" that we all want.

La notizia più bella, che ci rende orgogliosi come se fosse accaduto ad Eugenio è questa: con il suo libro “Il violino di Filo” ove racconta di tutte le difficoltà vissute da Filippo e dai suoi compagni a seguito del terremoto del 6 aprile 2009 a L’Aquila, Matteo ha vinto il premio The giant of the Langhe.

Un premio letterario nazionale di editoria per ragazzi!

E come dicevo all’inizio, nulla a caso.

Yes, we are certain that it was a well-deserved victory, because the book is really beautiful, the story is engaging, and it also offers an alternative to the difficulties caused by the earthquake, and a beautiful rediscovery of living in community.

Questa vittoria, ci rende orgogliosi! Orgogliosi di avere visto giusto e bene nel raccontare Matteo e la sua storia, perchè è questo quello che dobbiamo fare: dare spazio e voce alle belle persone!

Wow Matteo che bel colpo da #maestro! Eh si, da #maestroMatteo!

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