Ascolta la favola: “A scimmia scappa la pipì!”

Hello, friends and friends who follow us again tonight!

This evening I will read you a new fairy tale from the site entitled "A monkey runs away pee!"

Happy listening and I hope you read it with me!

Monkey runs out of pee!
Monkey runs out of pee!

Monkey runs out of pee!

Cleia was a curious and talkative elf and had a little puppet she never separated from called Monkey.

Mamma Fata Verde la portava con sé ogni volta che poteva affinché conoscesse tutte le meraviglie del sottobosco con allegria e dolcezza.

At that time they visited all the shops to discover the beautiful trades that the inhabitants of the undergrowth carried out with passion, care and perseverance.

Andarono a visitare la falegnameria e Mamma Fata spiegò alla sua piccola:

"In this workshop works the carpenter who manages to transform a piece of wood into objects of all kinds such as tables, chairs and sideboards"

Cleia entered and saw the noisy circular saw shaping the large trunks... Her eyes widened and she squeezed Monkey tightly.

The carpenter elf took the shaped pieces of wood and worked them with skill using some tools of the trade such as the hammer and nails.

Et voila!

Aveva realizzato un magnifico cavallo a dondolo che Mamma Fata Verde regalò alla sua piccola.

Immediately after this wonderful visit Cleia said:

"Mamma Fata! A scimmia scappa la pipì!” 

The sweet Fairy was perplexed at first and still exclaimed:

“Now let's provide my baby!”

They went to the toilet in the undergrowth and little Cleia peed in the company of Monkey. It was the first time the little girl peed in the toilet and not in her colored diaper.

The next day they visited the bakery where the troll Rosetta had taken a large package of very fine white flour.

He poured some of it onto a large wooden table and adding the water and a little yeast he made a large dough.

The baker was really happy for that unexpected company!

"Come Cleia!" She said “Try kneading too!”

Cleia brightened up and started manipulating the soft and elastic dough.

"Mamma guarda che meraviglia!” disse divertita!

Rosetta had divided the thick dough into many small equal shapes and was inserting them into the oven one by one. They waited a while and an inebriating perfume enveloped Cleia and the Fairy.

“What an inviting scent!” Cleia said.

“È il profumo del pane” disse Mamma Fata. 

Poco dopo la troll tirò fuori dal forno delle grosse pagnotte fragranti. Mamma Fata ne prese due ed andarono via.

Once out of the bakery the little girl said:

"Mamma Fata! A scimmia scappa la pipì!

This time the sweet fairy understood that her beloved elf said that Monkey ran away to pee when she had to pee. She asked her:

"Does Cleia have to pee too?"

"Yup!" Cleia replied

They went to the toilet in the undergrowth and little Cleia peed together with her Monkey puppet. The diaper was not even used that day!

On the third day they went to the ice cream parlor and the Avellana ice cream maker welcomed them by saying:

“Buongiorno Cleia! Buongiorno mum Fata Verde” 

Cleia smiled and immediately noticed a large bowl of cream. The skilled ice cream maker began to mix the cream, the chocolate, the eggs and the milk and when he obtained a soft and fluffy cream he put everything in the refrigerator.

After a while the chocolate ice cream was ready and Avellana filled two wooden cups for her wonderful guests.

The little elf ate it immediately and with her mouth still smeared with ice cream she exclaimed:

"It's really good!"

They said goodbye to Avellana and as soon as they left Cleia said:

"Mamma Fata, Cleia deve fare la pipì!”

Mamma Fata fu immensamente felice e accompagnò la sua amata folletto alla toilette del sottobosco, dove fece la pipì.

Cleia had seen so many wonderful jobs and when she grew up perhaps she would have become an ice cream maker, she liked ice cream too much!

By the way… that was the last time the inhabitants of the undergrowth saw Cleia with a colored diaper! She didn't need it anymore!

Did you like tonight's story?

Let us know because your opinion is important.

Buonanotte dalla vostra sorellina Francesca e dal nostro angioletto custode Eugene.♥

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Monkey runs out of pee!
Monkey runs out of pee! 2
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