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We wish you a Christmas full of love: Jesus is born and there is no better way to celebrate his birth with a gesture of peace, solidarity, sharing and brotherhood.

Let's listen to this wonderful poem by Alda Merini: let's open our minds to reflection and meditation.

Let's read together:

They don't get mean at Christmas
thoughts but who is alone
would like to skip it
this day.

I wish them all
live a Christmas
I address a thought to
all those who suffer
for a disease.
To those I wish a
Christmas of hope and joy.

But those who on this day
they have a privileged place
in my heart
they are the little brats
who see Christmas
through gift wrapping.

I wish the adults to fulfill
all their expectations.
For poor children
who don't live in toyland
wish you Christmas
bring a family to adopt them
to get them out of their condition
made of misery and despair.

To all of you
I wish you a Christmas with few gifts
but with all the ideals realized.

Merry Christmas by Alda Merini
Merry Christmas 4

Let's listen together:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 2
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