I think about it: like father like son

40 years

If it weren't for exactly 40 years of difference, we'd be exactly the same: same haircut, same musical tastes, same way of laughing, fondness for 007

And while we were seeing Spectre, at the same moment our eyelid dropped! Now also in this similar.

In Latvian

In Latvian, we recite the prayers tightly packed, hand in hand, uniti nello stesso respiro.

Like father Like Son
Eugene and Remigio in Latvian

At the end, pray like this: “Jesus, let this holiday end soon, everything goes back to the way it was before, I go back to the way it was before, may a beautiful Molise and Roman holiday remain in our memories"

Good night

My tender kiss accompanies her for the night. Good night warrior.

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Ciao, sono Remigio Ruberto, papà di Eugenio. L'amore che mi lega a Eugenio è senza tempo e senza spazio.

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