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Follow the first edition of "let's play to defeat cancer" live

The vision

On December 5, 2022 we fantastic 4 Ruberto's we launch the first edition of the charity cause "Let's play to defeat cancer"

giochiamo per sconfiggere il cancro
the poster "let's play to defeat cancer"

The answer

The response was immediately overwhelming and positive: many friends, female friends, commercial activities who came forward for the promotion, dissemination and implementation of our further activity in favor of children in the day hospital oncohematology department of theInfant Jesus Hospital of Rome at the Gianicolo.

On the road

The posters were distributed and posted far and wide throughout the upper Caserta area: the response was enthusiastic, admirable, affectionate!



After direct contact with the splendid and professional head nurse of the day hospital pediatric oncohematology department of the John Paul II pavilion, Mrs. Elsa Bianchini, we agreed on the meeting with the delivery of the material collected for the children for the day on Friday February 10, 2023 at 11

Francesca davanti all'ingresso padiglione Giovanni Paolo II a OPBG
Francesca in front of the entrance to the John Paul II pavilion at OPBG – 12 February 2020

Dopo 3 anni faremo di nuovo ingresso nel nostro amato reparto, dove una parte di noi, una parte di Eugenio vive ancora li.

La nostra causa è stata portata a termine, con enorme successo e tanto amore.

L’appuntamento con i nostri amici ed amiche del reparto day hospital oncoematologia dell’Ospedale pediatrico bambino Gesù al Gianicolo di Roma è per l’anno prossimo.

Stay tuned to our online diary.

Keep donating, even anonymously and continuously: only in this way can we help those who really need help!

Help us help!

Giochiamo per sconfiggere il cancro 11
With your small donation we bring a smile to young cancer patients

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