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Here we go again! Even today the cook Lallasagna has combined the usual mess.
After rummaging through the musty attic all morning, she finally found the old recipe book "The Queen of the Kitchen".

– So…vanilla donut…orange donut…no…chocolate donut, here it is! – Lallasagna exclaims happily.
Tomorrow is Sunday, her daughter will go to visit her with her grandchildren Dora and Matteo: they are very fond of desserts and the cake will be a real surprise. Lallasagna puts on his glasses and begins to read aloud.

– Easy to prepare…ingredients: flour 0,3 Kg, dark chocolate 20000 cg, sugar 2000 dg, 26 dag of eggs at room temperature, 1,85 hg of sunflower oil, whole milk 13500 cg, baking powder 8000 mg, 1000 mg of salt. What strange dosages... I used to see them in grams... - the cook mutters, slightly confused.

But it's now decided: the donut will be made.
He starts wandering around the kitchen in search of pans, ingredients and above all the scale, otherwise how will he weigh the components?

– 0.3 kg of flour… how much will it be? 3kg maybe? Ok…then dark chocolate 20000 cg? It will mean 2 kg, of course! How many eggs? 26? They seem like many to me, however I should keep them in the cellar. A strange book… a strange book… – pronounces Lallasagna shaking her head continuously.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rings. It is the postman Ugo who has a package to deliver.
The cook immediately takes the opportunity to ask for information.

– Ugo, sorry, I'm preparing a cake for my greedy grandchildren, but the recipe book is dated, it certainly used a different terminology as regards the ingredients... here, for example, it says... 1.85 hg of sunflower seed oil... In your opinion, how much could it be at a rough guess (sigh!)? – asks Lallasagna.

– Well, I'm not a great connoisseur, but I assume about 1 liter and a half... then I don't know if sunflower seed oil is as heavy as the olive oil I use for dressing... maybe it weighs double... or triple ... or not ... maybe the opposite is true ... come on, make 2 liters and we won't talk about it anymore - replies Ugo.

The cook thanks the postman and continues with the preparation of the dessert.
– Whole milk 13500 cg … what does that mean? Dunno… – and he starts pouring the milk at random.
– Baking powder 8000 mg … in my opinion it's 8 ounces – and down with the yeast.
– Finally 1000 mg of salt… Or 1 pound? Won't that be too much? But if the recipe book says so… – thinks Lallasagna.

Start mixing all the ingredients together in the large pot.
He soon realizes that something has gone wrong. Mathematics, especially equivalences, have never been his strong suit. Cook Lallasagna bursts into tears: tomorrow what will she present to her grandchildren Dora and Matteo?

We need some help child...
Do you want to try to solve the equivalences and correctly transform all the ingredients in the recipe book into grams? Perhaps Lallasagna is still in time to remedy the culinary damage!

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Lallasagna and the chocolate donut
Lallasagna and the chocolate donut 1
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