Listen now to Jean de La Fontaine's fable "The Hare and the Frogs"

Hello everyone, boys and girls and adults from all over the world! How are you?

Tonight I'm reading you a story by Jean de La Fontaine "The hare and the frogs”, as always declares a great teaching. But I always wait for your comments on this, tell me if there is anything left of what I have read and if you have found what I have read useful.

The hare and the frogs 1
The hare and the frogs
The hare and the frogs

A somewhat cowardly hare strolled slowly in the middle of a large meadow, complaining about how unfair his life was.
“We hares are forced to live in fear. Men hunt us, to make us salmi. The dogs chase us. Eagles can swoop down and carry us off the prairie."
He took a deep breath, then continued: “What animal can be more unhappy than us hares? We sure are the scariest and most unfortunate creatures in the world! We always have to hide and run.”

As he finished saying these words to himself, he heard a rustle in the grass. Frightened, she ran away with all the speed she had in her long legs, until she came to a pond.
I'll be safe here, she thought.

Some frogs croaked quietly on the edge of the pond. As soon as they noticed the hare, they all got goosebumps (exactly, even if they were frogs…)
“CRAK! How scary! CRACK”,they exclaimed in chorus, and immediately jumped into the water.

The hare at that sight widened her eyes in surprise. “Is it possible that those frogs dived because of me? Then I'm not the scariest animal in the world! The frogs are much worse off than the hares…”.

With this little adventure, the hare understood that she wasn't the only one with problems and fears, but all animals - like people - have their own fears and dangers.

Moral: 1 The first moral is todo not be sad in the face of difficulties

2: The second moral of "The Hare and the Frogs" is more hidden. History teaches us thatwe must not be afraid of others, because sometimes there's no reason to be scared.

So what do you think?

I wish you a peaceful night, in the company of our little angel Eugene to populate your dreams.

Goodnight from your Francesca ♥

Eugene Robert
Eugene Robert
The hare and the frogs
The hare and the frogs 3
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