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Read and listen to the poem June by Giosuè Carducci

Poems about June focus on the month that opens up to summer. The days are getting longer and longer, the sun is getting hotter, school ends, the desire for holidays begins to feel strong.

Many poetic verses sing the joy and sweetness of this month, others can even glimpse a hint of nostalgia or melancholy that can catch you in the summer.

The poetry tonight is a classic; written by Giosuè Carducci, ci riporta all’infanzia, ai cieli stellate, alle lucciole rincorse nei prati di sera…

Just what you need to sleep peacefully


Read the poem

It is the month of grassy meadows and roses;
the month of long days and clear nights.
The rose they bloom in gardens, they climb
on the walls of houses. In the fields, among the wheat,
the blue cornflowers and poppies bloom
flames and in the evening a thousand and a thousand fireflies
they sparkle among the ears.
The cornfield sways as you pass
of the wind: it looks like a sea of ​​gold.
The farmer looks at the harvest and smiles. Still
few days and he will reap the fruit of his labors.

Listen to the poem

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