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Just a few hours left, very little now and 2023 will start its own path. Saranno 365 giorni di nuovi fatti, nuove avventure, nuove storie. E noi, cari amichetti miei, non potremo fare altro che vivere ogni attimo e conservare il ricordo di tutto ciò che ci accade.

La poesia di questa sera, è un augurio al nuovo anno a “comportarsi bene”.

I think it's a great resolution for us too!

Invitation to the new yearof Angelo Silvio Novaro

O new year that you look out
trampling on the threadbare rags
of the year that died, come!
Come, and show what you care
inside the sack and in the bag
up to the mouth full.

Bad things? Or beautiful things?
Frogs? Or crickets and tree frogs?
Fresh herbs? Or dry hays?
Mud and worms? Or pearls and stars?
Vile shards? O illustrious vases?
Sad stories? Or happy cases?

Come, new year, come!
Don't stop at the door,
come, and put down the sack and the basket
and unleash what you hold
both of evils and of goods,
you who look at me uncertainly
and you look at me irresolute
from between a veil of mists and ice,
trampling on the threadbare rags
of the old year, dead and dumb!

new year invitation
Invitation to the new year
Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Invitation to the new year
Invitation to the new year 2

Well, tonight I leave you with the certainty that you won't go to sleep, but that you will wait like me, like everyone for midnight! I'm sure that when we toast, with each of us there will be a guardian angel to hug us tightly and wish us a happy new year!

Buon anno da Francesca e da Eugenio

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Hi, I'm Francesca Ruberto, sister of Eugenio Ruberto. I was born in Capua (CE) on November 11, 2011
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