Illiterate heart of Totò

Il principe Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi De Curtis di Bisanzio, in arte Toto, firma questa opera d’arte, sotto forma di poetry.


The "scugnizzo" of the Sanità district Antonio de Curtis was born onFebruary 15, 1898in the Healthcare district of Naples(district considered the center of the Neapolitan "guapperia"), in via Santa Maria Antesaecula on the third floor of number 107 (months later,due to the small size of the house, yesthey moved toView more

In questo importante giorno in cui suggelliamo l’amore dell’uomo quasi ad emulare l’immenso love of God verso l’umanità intera, queste words toccano l’animo profondo e pieno di amore.

illiterate heart
Illiterate heart 5

Let's read together (Neapolitan)

Core illiterate

Stu core illiterate
I took her to school
and if I learned to write,
and learned to read
sultanto 'na word
Love and nothing more.

my love yes you, beloved woman.
passione ca sta life daie calore.
When I vase you with a furrowed vocca,
chistu velvet caresses my heart,
stu core,
ca tu pa' hand took her to school,
and if I learned to write,
and if I learned to read…
Love and nothing more.

Stu core illiterate
mo suffers and dies
penzanno ca si femmena
and you could lose
and lose love
ca lle learned you.

We will still swear ca tu si dda mia
before I die 'and gelusia.
sigh 'o heart my beloved woman,
you learned to write,
you learned to read…
Love and nothing more

Let's read together (Italian)

Illiterate heart

Questo heart analfabeta
l’hai portato a school
and learned to write,
and learned to read
just one word
Love and nothing more.

l’amore mio sei tu, woman amata mia.
the passion that gives warmth to this life of ours.
When I kiss your velvety mouth,
its velvet caresses my heart,
this heart,
che tu hai preso per mano e l’hai portato a scuola,
and learned to write,
and learned to read…
Love and nothing more.

This illiterate heart
ora soffre da die
since you are a woman
and could lose you
e perderebbe l’amore
what you taught him.

Swear to me again that you are mine
before I die of jealousy.
my heart sighs... my beloved woman,
you taught him to write…

you taught him to read
Love and nothing more

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Bedtime stories
Illiterate heart
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