Read and listen to the poem “The sky belongs to everyone”

For us, for all, having lost the wonderful imagination and magical pen of Gianni Rodari, who climbed into the eternal garden on April 14, 1980, represents a leap to the heart and evokes unforgettable phrases and touching poems, like this one that we will read together this evening .

Gianni Rodari

Giovanni Francesco Rodari, known as Gianni (pronounced /roˈdari/; Omegna, 23 October 1920 - Rome, 14 April 1980), was oneItalian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized inchildren's literature and translated into many languages. The only Italian writer to have won the prestigious

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Let's read together

Someone who knows a lot
explain this mystery to me:

the sky belongs to all eyes
of each eye is the whole sky.
It's mine when I look at it.
It's from the old man, from the child,
of the king, of the greengrocer,
of the poet, of the street sweeper.

There is no poor so poor
that he is not the owner.
The scared rabbit
he has as much as the lion.

The sky belongs to all eyes,
and every eye, if it will,
takes the whole moon,
the comet stars, the sun.

Every eye takes everything
and nothing is ever missing:
who looks at the sky last
he does not find it any less brilliant.

So you explain to me
in prose or verse,
because the sky is only one
and the earth is all in pieces.

Heaven belongs to everyone
The sky belongs to everyone 5

Dear Gianni: how much fun all the children, the boys and girls of heaven are having, all in a circle around you listening to your poems, your stories and your fantasies!

Let's listen together

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Heaven belongs to everyone
The sky belongs to all 3
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