Read and listen to the poem It was born! Alleluia!

My friends, congratulations! Best wishes! Best wishes!

Jesus Bambino è born even this year! And we, with our good intentions, must praise him.

The poetry tonight is a Christmas classic; I learned it in Primary School and even sang it at a Christmas play. She is so beautiful and cheerful and she puts so much joy in my heart.

Read He was born! Hallelujah of Guido Gozzano

The child sovereign was born,
is born! Hallelujah, hallelujah!
The night that was already so dark
shines with a divine star.

Come on, bagpipes, more cheerful
play! Ring, bells!
Come, shepherds and housewives,
O people near and far!

Don't thirst, don't let go of carpets,
but as in the books they said
for four thousand years the prophets,
a little straw he has for bed.

It has been expected for four thousand years
at this time of all hours.
The Lord was born!
It was born in our country.

It shines with a divine star
the night that was already so dark.
The Sovereign Child was born,
is born! Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Is born! Alleluia!
Is born! Alleluia! 4

Listen to the poem

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Is born! Alleluia!
Is born! Alleluia! 2

I was right? Is it a classic, one of those that give serenity? Well, with this peace in our hearts we can also go to sleep and get some sleep and energy back for tomorrow.

Buonanotte da Francesca ed Eugene

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