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Today I read to you "Good Gilberto" taken from the book "Favole al telefone" by Gianni Rodari

Gianni Rodari

Giovanni Francesco Rodari, known as Gianni (pronounced /roˈdari/; Omegna, 23 October 1920 - Rome, 14 April 1980), was oneItalian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized inchildren's literature and translated into many languages. The only Italian writer to have won the prestigious

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Good Gilbert
Good Gilberto 5

Good Gilberto was very eager to learn and therefore always paid attention to what the grown-ups said.

Una volta senti dire da una donna: – Guardate la Filomena come vuoI bene alla sua mum: le porterebbe l’acqua nelle orecchie.
Good Gilberto reflected: - Magnificent words, I really want to memorize them.
Qualche tempo dopo la sua mum gli disse: – Gilberto, vammi a prendere un secchio d’acqua alla fontana.
Subito, mum – disse Gilberto. Ma intanto pensava: – Voglio dimostrare alla mum quanto le voglio bene. Invece che nel secchio, l’acqua gliela porterò nelle orecchie.

He went to the fountain, put his head under it and filled his ear with water. There was as much as a thimble and to carry it home good Gilberto had to keep his head twisted.
Arriva quest’acqua? – brontolò la mum che ne aveva bisogno per fare il bucato.
Subito, mum – rispose Gilberto, tutto affannato.

But to answer he cocked his head and water poured out of his ear and down his neck.
He ran to the fountain to fill his other ear: there was exactly as much water as in the first and good one
Gilberto had to keep his head twisted to the other side and before reaching home the water had all spilled.
Arriva quest’acqua? – domandò la mum stizzita.

Perhaps my ears are too small, thought good Gilberto saddened. Meanwhile, however, her mother had lost patience, she believed that Gilberto had been playing at the fountain and she handed him two
swat, one in each ear.
Poor good Gilberto.
He took the two slaps in peace and decided that another time he would carry the water with the bucket.

Gianni Rodari

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Bedtime stories
Good Gilbert
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