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General Audience of 3 May 2023 with the Holy Father Francis

CatechesisThe Journey to Hungary

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

Tre giorni fa sono rientrato dal viaggio in Ungheria. Desidero ringraziare tutti coloro che hanno preparato e accompagnato questa visita con la preghiera, e rinnovare la mia riconoscenza alle Autorità, alla Chiesa locale e al popolo ungherese, un popolo coraggioso e ricco di memoria.

During my stay in Budapest I was able to feel the affection of all Hungarians. Today I would like to tell you about this visit through two images:the rootsisthe bridges.

The roots. I went on pilgrimage to a people whose history – as Saint John Paul II said – was marked by «many saints and heroes, surrounded by throngs of humble and industrious people» Read more…


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