General Audience of 21 December 2022 with the Holy Father Francis

Catechesis on Discernment

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning and welcome!

We continue – they are finishing – the catecheses on discernment, and those who have followed these catecheses up to now might perhaps think: what a complicated practice it is to discern! In reality, life is complicated and, if we don't learn to read it, complicated as it is, we risk wasting it, carrying it forward with expedients that end up humiliating us.

general audience of 21 December 2022
General Audience of 21 December 2022 2

In our first meeting we had seen that always, every day, whether we like it or not, we carry out acts of discernment, in what we eat, read, at work, in relationships, in everything. Life always confronts us with choices, and if we don't make them consciously, in the end life chooses for us, taking us where we don't want to.

However, discernment is not done alone. Today we enter more specifically about adsome helpthat can make this exercise of discernment easier, Read more…

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