General Audience of 19 April 2023 with the Holy Father Francis

Catechesis. The passion for evangelization: the apostolic zeal of the believer11.Witnesses: the martyrs

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

Speaking of evangelization and speaking of apostolic zeal, after having considered the testimony of Saint Paul, a true "champion" of apostolic zeal, today our gaze turns not to a single figure, but to the ranks ofmartyrs, men and women of all ages, languages ​​and nations who gave their lives for Christ, who shed blood to confess Christ.

Dopo la generazione degli Apostoli, sono stati loro, per eccellenza, i “testimoni” del Vangelo. I martiri: il primo fu il diacono Santo Stefano, lapidato fuori dalle mura di Gerusalemme.

The word "martyrdom" comes from the Greekmartyria, which means reallytestimony. Un martire è un testimone, uno che dà testimonianza fino a versare il sangue.

However, soon in the Church the word was used Read more…

General Audience of 19 April 2023
General Audience of 19 April 2023 2


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