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General Audience of 14 February 2024 by Pope Francis

Catechesis. The vices and virtues.


Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

Among all the deadly sins there is one that often goes unnoticed, perhaps because of its name which is difficult for many to understand: I'm talking aboutsloth. For this reason, in the catalog of vices, the term acedia is often replaced by another much more commonly used term: laziness. In reality, laziness is more of an effect than a cause.

When a person sits idle, indolent, apathetic, we say he is lazy. But, as the wisdom of the ancient desert fathers teaches, the root of this laziness is often acedia, which literally from Greek means "lack of care".

This is a very dangerous temptation, which should not be trifled with. Whoever falls victim to it is like

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