What a wonderful free life

Good morning friends, good morning family.

The night passed peacefully, only the Roman stars served as our ceiling.

And certainly all of our guardian angels.

Yesterday evening we roared with laughter, especially Giuseppina: at first experiences, getting on the bed in the attic was a real adventure!

Sbellicati dalle risate

We also tried to stream a movie with our notebook, but the tiredness was so, so much, and after the first 15 minutes, our drooping eyelids suggested an immediate and deep sleep.

In the camper the spaces are miniaturized, but with a little exercise and organization you can live peacefully in 4 perhaps even in 5 with a normal camper like ours. Every now and then we met in the corridor, and after a half waltz, we each took our own direction.

While I was falling asleep I was thinking, and still thinking, about the very pleasant phone call I had with the manager of Vatican News, cordial and affable, as if we had always been friends, who offered their collaboration with an open heart like Vatican Radio al nostro progetto camper, al progetto di Eugene “on the road”, al progetto Eugene “forever free”.

During the night, with the small portholes open, we suffered a little from the cold, but curled up in our blankets, we rested peacefully.


This morning, strangely, we all woke up at 8.30. Breakfast, with milk, toast with bacon. Washed and perfumed, we get ready to go out.

La giornata oggi non prevede nessun impegno in ospedale, possiamo organizzarci al meglio senza nessun problema. Dobbiamo pensare che la giornata è calda, che comunque Eugene si stanca facilmente, che ci muoviamo con il camper e quindi non potremo circolare dappertutto.

What could be of more interest to our two little ones? There are no doubts, for them the exit, after so much closure due to Covid-19, is only towards a shopping center. Ok, decided (Remigio, of all people, is the one who sacrifices himself the most). Let's go to EuRoma2. We have already been there other times in our "Roman holidays", and for the boys it is always a pleasure.

Centro commerciale

At the shopping centre, the anti-covid organization is excellent. Temperature control, absolute prohibition to enter if you don't have masks (and there were some sneaky ones who would have liked to enter anyway), well-traced paths for entry and exit. We feel safe, protected.

We go around the various shops, make some purchases... it's lunchtime and we head towards our favorite pizzeria.

Exhausted exhausted by the many hours spent walking, with the pupils dancing in the sockets of our eyes due to the many lights and many colors, we return to our Park Colombo for dinner and for our well-deserved rest.

Back to parking

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