Read and listen to the poem Er crib with me

Hi everyone! There is now a Christmas scent in the air! The lights, the trees, the markets are starting to appear; yes, even the stiff air reminds us of the arrival of Christmas.

And for us little ones, the appointment with the letter to Santa Claus arrives. Even if we're grown up now, and we know it well that Santa Claus isn't really there, it's nice to always relive this magical atmosphere and that magic that only thenot nowith a white beard and dressed in red he manages to give.

But the most exciting thing is making the tree or the crib and placing your letter on it!

Er crib
Er crib

Read the poem with me

I thank you heartily, good people,
for these cribs that you prepare for me,
but what are you doing to them? Yes then you hate each other,
yes, you don't understand anything about this love…

For this love I was born and I died there,
for centuries I have been spreading it from the cross,
but my word seems like a voice
lost in the desert, without listening.

People make a crib and they don't hear me;
always look for the most sumptuous phallus,
but what a cold and indifferent core
and he doesn't understand that without love
it is cianfrusaja that has no value.


And you, were you good? what would you like to find under the tree or the crib?

This poem teaches us many things, let me know what it has passed on to you.

Meanwhile I sleep and dream, with my little angel to protect me.

Good night fromFrancescaand fromEugene

@source: nursery rhymes. it

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Er crib
Er crib 2
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