Donation for Eugenio Ruberto

Eugene Ruberto has fought strenuously against his 2 brain tumors since September 13, 2019 a October 17, 2020

During this period, his family incurred innumerable expenses: travel, motorway, diesel fuel, food, lodging, medicines, and last but not least, the purchase of a used camper to make his dream come true. Eugene of travelling.

Thanks to your help, the Ruberto family was able to bear all the expenses.

We want to do more and better: the newAssociation Eugene Robertproposes to collaborate with Scientific Research Institutes, Homes for families, Hospitals, Religious Institutes, Sports Associations and anyone who does their utmost in humanitarian activities for children suffering from pathologies, collecting funds, donations and bequests.

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Donating will be your investment for the better future.

You can donate in many ways:

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  • directly by bank transfer to IBAN: IT93I0538774940000003682687
    payable to: Eugenio Ruberto Association
  • Postepay top-up a Josephine Carlone number: 5333 1711 4899 2999
  • credit card or Paypal (with receipt) directly from here:

€ 10
€ 50
€ 100

Thanks from Eugenio Ruberto, his family and all those who will receive love.

Donations enjoy tax breaks:click here to find out more

Everyone can make donations, bequests, organize fundraisers and charitable initiatives in favor of the Association at any time

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, to build together and to give joy.