Death is nothing Henry Scott Holland

Death is nothing. Does not matter.
I just went into the next room.
Nothing happened.

Everything remains exactly as it was.
I am me and you are you
and the past life we ​​lived so well together is unchanged, intact.

What we were before for each other we still are.
Call me by the old familiar name.
Talk to me in the same affectionate way you've always used.
Don't change your tone of voice
don't look solemn or sad.
Keep laughing at what made us laugh,
of those little things that we liked so much when we were together.

Smile, think of me and pray for me.
Let my name always be the familiar word from before.
Say it without the slightest trace of shadow or sadness.

Our life retains all the meaning it has ever had.
It's the same as before,
there is a continuity that does not break.
What is this death but an insignificant accident?
Why should I be out of your mind just because I'm out of your sight?

I'm not far, I'm on the other side, just around the corner.
Everything is alright; nothing is lost.
A brief moment and everything will be as before.
And how we will laugh at the problems of separation when we meet again!

Henry Scott Holland, written in May 1910

Eugene Robert
Eugene Robert
Death is nothing
Death is nothing 1

Henry Scott Holland (Ledbury, January 27, 1847 – March 17, 1918) wasa British theologian and writer, Regius Professor of Divinityat the University of Oxford. He was also a canon of Christ Church. The Scott Holland Memorial Lectures (lectures) are held in his memory.View more

Death is nothing
Eugene Robert – May 5, 2020
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