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Hi everyone! Last week I received the news from my cousins Luca e Rosaria che presto arriverà una bimba ad allietare la loro famiglia. E’ stata una serata bellissima, con tanta gioia, musica e divertimento. E c’era anche tanto Amore tra loro futuri genitori, e con noi tutti parenti ed amici coinvolti.

There poetry of this evening, speaks of precisely this, of the Love that also reigned in the cave of Bethlehem, when Jesus was born. For him, and for all the children of the world, this was enough, Love.

Read the poem with me

“Tell me, dear Child
King of Heaven,
because you were born
in a frozen cave?
Because you were born
between an ox and a donkey
and not in the nice heat
in a castle?”

"I was born
on the bare straw,
between a lowing ox
and a donkey braying,
poor, cold,
in a dark cave
and not in luxury,
among so many learned people,
because more than glitz
and of knowing
count the wealth
of your heart,
goodness counts,
love counts”.

Count the love
Count the love
Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Count the love
Count Love 2

I agree with Baby Jesus. We can do without so many things, useless and superfluous, but not really love. Because growing up without Love makes you bad. What do you think about it?

Bene, con questo bel pensiero vi lascio ai vostri dolci sogni. Io mi faccio cullare dall’Amore del mio angioletto Eugenio. Buonanotte da Francesca.

@fonte: Count the Love of Saint Parisi

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