Read and hear how the rainbow was born

Hi everyone! There tale of this evening is inspired by an ancient legend to explain the origin of the world and the universe, to describe how the rainbow was born.

The rainbow is a bridge between the earth and the sky: the text below,is a way to remember that the mum, even when he is absent, he returns.

how the rainbow was born
How the rainbow was born 4

Read with me

Mom was the goddess of the sky and was called Ak.

Dad's name was Ak Yum and he was the God of the sea. Their baby was named Toub.

They lived on the edge of the earth, in a house suspended between the sky and the sea.
Mom Yak and Toub never parted. They were always together, day and night.

They bathed in the sea, ate together, slept and played on the grass.

Papa Ak Yum slept and ate with them; in the morning he would leave the house and return after some time.
Mom It said, "Dad went to work."

Ak Yum was to watch over the waters; check that fish and sea animals had to eat, protect sailors and ships.
Toub was very small then and didn't understand well: he forgot, then he remembered, then in the evening dad Ak Yum was home again.

Months passed and Toub grew.

He had learned many things and understood what happened in the morning after breakfast: Dad went to work and mum was playing with him.

In recent days, however, mum she was always a bit busy and had called a lady to help her: her name was Tatà, she was as good as her mumbut it wasn't there mum.
One morning Tatà came earlier than usual.

Mom she dressed quickly, hugged her baby tightly and said:
"Today I go to work too. You will stay with Tatà. I'll come back soon" and ran away.
Mom she was the goddess of the sky and she too had work to do: directing the rain clouds, controlling the winds, protecting the birds.

Toub didn't quite understand.

Dad had gone to work, mum did he even go to work? Where was the workplace of the mum? Mom would she come back? What did she mean "I'll be back soon"?

Toub cried, because it was just too much.

When she cried, the sea below her house turned gray.

The fog covered the blue sky and that house no longer seemed happy.
Tata consoled the child and said:
“Toub, la mum come back,” but Toub didn't believe it. He cried and cried.
Why the mum did she go to work?
When he cried too much, a black bird flew by Toub. It was Fear.

Afraid that the mum never come back, that dad never come back; that the house suspended between sky and sea was no longer there.

Since the mum she had gone to check the sky elsewhere, a storm broke out near the suspended house: it was Toub's tears that she couldn't stop anymore.

On the other side of the sky, the mum was about to finish the job.

It was her first day, after so many months spent at home with her baby, and she couldn't find the way she used to.

He traced another path that started from the ends of the earth, to arrive at the hanging house.
First it went through the forest and some of its green color remained on the clothes.

The sun was about to go down, so there mumhe made a fire to warm himself before continuing and the orange and red of the fire mingled with the green. The violet of sunset mixed again.
The mum, walking and walking, left a trail of colors behind his back and created the rainbow.
In the hanging house, when Toub stopped crying, he saw a bridge between the earth and the colorful sky.
Soon after, he saw the mum! She had returned and the bird of Fear fled without being seen.

To children living on earth, mothers tell this story to explain to them how the rainbow was born.

It happens every time little Toub cries too much because the mum is away and, after, there mum go through the forest and build a bridge to get to the house.

Let's listen together

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
How the rainbow was born
How the rainbow was born 2


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