Who I am

Who I am: read the story of Eugenio Ruberto

Let me introduce myself: I'm Eugenio Ruberto

I was born in Piedimonte Matese, in the province of Casertaon August 29, 2006.

Newborn Eugenio: who I am
Newborn Eugene

My parents

My parents: two types… Dad, of Shape, he wants to seem severe and inflexible, but with me and with my sister (I'll tell you about her later) he gets over it immediately and he's very playful.

Nulla gli sfugge di quanto mi riguarda, sempre disponibile e pronto a darmi una hand; non gli piace aiutarmi a fare i compiti, dice che i metodi di insegnamento sono cambiati e lui non si trova… in compenso però non si perde mai una mia partita di basket (anche di questo vi parlo dopo), è sempre a disposizione per fare una passeggiata (purchè non sia ad un centro commerciale!.. ma tanto, ci andiamo lo stesso!).

He teaches me to make the best use of the mobile phone and the computer, he's a landslide playing Play with me (what a lot of laughs when he tries to use the joystick).

He loves sci-fi movies, horror movies, how many of them we see together! My mom, from Dragoni, always busy between home, work and school (she doesn't teach, but she is always involved in school events); she is good at making sweets (she knows that I adore coconut and nutella and she invents a thousand recipes…) we even mess together; she is fussy when it comes to checking my homework, but she is always ready to give me two hands!

Unlike dad, mom loves going to the mall, and yes, I admit it, it's fun to go with her! We go into the shops, we look, we check the prices, and we always get a little present for me.

In short, these two guys met in Benevento way back on May 28, 2005 and have never left each other since. They got married on December 3 of that same year, and our family originates from there.

My life

My life, since August 29, 2006, has flown peacefully.

Until the September 12, 2019.

Kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. According to the numerous teachers who have had me as a student, I have always been very curious, attentive, lively, brilliant; a true leader (yes!) able to support or limit their work, depending on whether the lessons are, for me, interesting or not.

I have a predilection for scientific subjects, for physical education and for everything that fuels my desire to discover and my curiosity.

I adore my kindergarten teachers, Carmela, Gloria, Elisa and their oasis of serenity. In elementary school, many went through and I have wonderful memories of some (Simonetta, Anna, Isidoro, Annarosa, Michele,) but only one stole my heart, my teacher Rosaria Perrotta. You are a volcano of ideas, we are alike in this and I love you very much.

The sport

I like sports, especially team sports; I practice handball, at school, with prof. Del Monaco, and then, with my partner-friend-brother Nicola Panella begins my great adventure, as well as a very strong passion for basketball!

For me, playing basketball is everything! It's a sport that regenerates me, charges me up, stimulates me and there's no such thing as missing a workout or a match (yes, even that famous September 12, 2019 I was there training). I practice basketball in Caiazzo, with the CSI for 6 years.

Eugenio flies in basketball hoops
Eugenio flies into basketball

For minibasketball I had a very strong, nice and well-prepared female coach Maria Mastroianni, with her we really enjoyed ourselves and were passionate about this sport; for two years instead I have had a great coach, strict but highly trained, attentive, superlative on the pitch and a faithful friend, Gaetano Santoro. He is my idol.

Thanks to basketball I made friends with many of my peers: with some a relationship has been established that goes beyond training, I am thinking for example of Mariarita, Vittorio, Elia, Francesco; others, instead, from Dragoni, have followed me and Nicola in this splendid sport, such as Antonio, Kevin, Angelo and Alessandro.

The parish

Grazie ai miei genitori, frequento da quando sono piccolo la parrocchia. Ho fatto il percorso di catechesis per la Prima Comunione, che ho ricevuto insieme a tutti i miei compagni di classe in quinta elementare.

Successivamente, ho iniziato il Laboratorio Emotivo, che è un percorso di crescita alla scoperta delle emozioni. Eh si, abbiamo una grande fortuna a Dragoni, un prete dinamico e diverso dagli altri, che con la conoscenza di noi stessi e delle nostre emozioni ci porta a conoscere il vero Jesus del Vangelo. Grazie Don Dahuid (si, ha un nome particolare, perché lui è originario del Perù, io lo chiamo Don Davide).

Together with him and the group of entertainers I had wonderful camping and Scampo-school experiences, plays and many other activities. Luckily the Parish is alive in Dragoni!

My new life

And here I am on September 12, 2019, when my new life begins.

The one I tell, together with my family, my friends and all the people who love me, in this diary of mine.

My battle, our battle: against cancer.

The October 17, 2020 io ho vinto: sono andato nelle braccia del Father.

La mia Fede, il mio love, la mia gioia hanno vinto.
The disease never wins.

Continuerò a donarvi il mio love, in modi sconosciuti, silenziosi e bizzarri: restate in silenzio, tenete giunte le mani, pray together.

Here I am.

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