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Eugenio Ruberto onlus association: give love, you will receive the multiple!

Eugene's story

Eugenio Ruberto fought strenuously against his 2 brain tumors from 13 September 2019 to 17 October 2020

He ascended to the Father when he was only 14 years old.

In this period his family incurred innumerable expenses: travel, motorway, diesel, food, lodging, medicines, and last but not least the purchase of a used camper to fulfill Eugenio's desire to travel.

Thanks to your help, the Ruberto family was able to bear all the expenses.

We want to do more and better: the new Eugenio Ruberto Association intends to collaborate with Scientific Research Institutes, Homes for families, Hospitals, Religious Institutes, Sports Associations and anyone who does their utmost in humanitarian activities for children suffering from pathologies, raising funds , donations and bequests.

Eugenio loved basketball, sport was fundamental in his life. Like sharing and love for others.

This is why today his association aims to build spaces where sport, sharing, culture and love for one's neighbor become the fulcrum for an intense youth activity.

Thanks from Eugenio Ruberto, his family and all those who will receive love.

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Honorary members are not required to pay the annual dues.
Ordinary members must pay the annual membership fee.

Everyone can make donations, bequests, organize fundraisers and charitable initiatives in favor of the Association at any time


What is donation

Theredonationit is the contract with which, in a spirit of liberality, one party enriches the other, by disposing of one of its rights in favor of the latter or by assuming an obligation towards the same. The donation is therefore a contract: from this it follows that, once concluded, it is normally irrevocable by one of the parties.

How do you ensure my donations to your charity are spent wisely?

We are certain that your donations are conveyed wisely because non-profit associations, like ours, are made up of many members, all of them equal.

There isn't just one person who decides: this is the key to non-profit associations.

Are donations deductible?

  • In Italy and many other European countries they are deductible
  • If you're in the US, yes, you can.

Where do our donations go now?

All donations are accumulated in the most urgent and important projects.

When one project is completed, the next is ready.

We never stop.

Love is contagious.

How do you choose locations to build a community center?

The centers we wish to build will be built where the need is greatest.

They are chosen by our members and our ethics committee.

What are your goals?

We would like to collect the right sums to donate in love.

Donate with love for scientific research, so that a cure for all childhood diseases can finally be found.

Being able to help parents who have to stay close to their hospitalized children, with accommodation, means of transport and collaboration in carrying out bureaucratic procedures.

We would like to build sports and sharing spaces and environments for kids.