Read and listen to Song of Hiawatha

Hi everyone. We accept the invitation of Pope francesco and, once again, we implore peace for all the peoples of the Earth.

This evening we do it through a poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which originates from the history of the American Indians, from the union between two peoples, a sort of Romeo and Juliet set in pre-colonial America.

Read with me

"OR sons my, my poor sons!
Hear the words of wisdom,
Hear the words of warning,
From the lips of the Great Spirit,
From the Master of Life, who created you!

"I gave you lands to hunt,
I gave you streams to fish in,
I gave you bear and buffalo,
I gave you deer and reindeer,
I gave you Brant and Beaver,
Filled the swamps full of wild birds,
He filled the rivers full of fish:
Why then are you not happy?

Why then will you hunt each other?

"I'm tired of your quarrels,
Tired of your wars and your bloodshed,
Tired of your prayers for vengeance,
Of your quarrels and dissensions;
All your strength is in your union,
All your danger is in discord;
So be at peace from now on,
And as brothers they live together.

Canto di Hiawatha
Indian natives


Sometimes peace seems to be there, but as those on a wrecked ship might think they've found land in the middle of the ocean, it can also be an illusion. Many illusory sightings of "peace" will come before real peace is achieved.

Listen to the poem

Little prayer
Little prayer
Song of Hiawatha
Canto di Hiawatha 2

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