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How many times have we complained about being too cold? I did it today too! Here, the sun just did not show. It was a Wednesday in December, nothing but April.

The elf Freez, with this beautiful fable, will help us overcome the fear of cold, which is as important as the heat.

buonanotte al sottobosco
good night undergrowth

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The last days of January were always a chaotic moment for the Undergrowth, everyone believed they were the coldest days of the whole year and all the inhabitants strove to find the best way to warm up. There were those who stocked up on blankets, those who stocked up on wood and those who put a layer of thick cork bark on the mushrooms to protect the houses of fairies and elves from the cold!

While they were all busy the little elf Freez went around scared and cold saying:

“Brrr… How cold!

Brrr… I'm shaking!

Brrr… Let's hurry!

Brrr… The snow is coming!”

The woodcutter troll heard this and said:

"Little Freez don't loiter,

grab your ax and start chopping!”

Thanks to the wood from the troll, all the fireplaces in the Undergrowth would have been lit in those freezing days.

Freez continued on his way repeating:

“Brrr… How cold!

Brrr… The wind is changing!

Brrr… From dense clouds!

Brrr… The snow is coming down!”

The Green Fairy heard him and said:

"Little Freez don't worry,

in our little house come and repair!”

Little Freez still didn't feel calm and went to Mother Nature saying:

“Brrr… How cold!

Brrr… What's going on?!

Brrr… All this frost…

Brrr… It's really scaring me!”

The sweetest and most loving mother gave him a warm embrace and said:

“Sweet Freez don't worry

Soon spring will come to you,

This chill that makes you so fearful

It's not dangerous at all.

Indeed, the sweet snow, white and silent

Cuddle the gems of the almond tree and the rose."

Little Freez felt strangely heartened by Mother Nature's words and walked towards the mushroom house that would protect him from the cold surrounded by the loving care of mum Green Fairy.

Along the way he saw an almond tree covered in snow and thought about Mother Nature's words... The curious elf approached one of the branches most loaded with snow and dropped it with his little hands.

Amazement spread all over her adorable little face…

The branch, under the snow, was already full of life ready to make its wonderful flowers bloom in the first heat of the sun.

His fears had vanished and he was happy and cheerful because he now knew that the cold was as important as the heat to him and to all the Undergrowth.

Brrr… Goodnight to the Undergrowth!

Brrr… Goodnight fairies and elves!

Brrr… Goodnight with rose and peach!

Brrr… Goodnight baby, dream of treats.

What do you think? Let me know your impressions.

Good night

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Goodnight to the undergrowth
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