Read and listen to our fairy tale "Jesus Child"

Hello sisters and brothers from our diary.

Questa sera vi leggo questa fantastica e commovente fiaba dal titolo “Jesus Bambino.

Listen to it carefully and read it with your heart ♥

baby Jesus
Jesus Bambino 4

Read now:

Today my granddaughter
she came close to me
and asked me, d'amblé
“Grandma, what is Christmas?”

Dear, Christmas is very beautiful,
there is an ox and a donkey
and in the cave a child
lying in its straw

A fianco ha la sua mum
who puts the straw in his place,
while his dad rules him
and look up at a star

The birth of this child
it was a divine event,
everyone wants to see it
and hasten to get this

Here's what Christmas is,
no gifts or lights, alas,
but the birth of this Child
that changed fate

Listen to audio:

Bedtime stories
Bedtime stories
Jesus Bambino
Baby Jesus 2

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Hi, I'm Francesca Ruberto, sister of Eugenio Ruberto. I was born in Capua (CE) on November 11, 2011
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