And Monday it was: the story of a special day

La mia sveglia biologica delle 5.30 mi avverte che è già lunedì.

Control Monday, Monday ofInfant Jesus Hospital.

Giuseppina gets up at 7, the boys were awake at 8, but with little desire to get out of bed, warm and smelling of a clear night.

Cough, "blessed" cough, which still does not leave him, also causes him to retch. I try with honey to relieve the discomfort. We're almost ready: backpacks and trolleys full of what you need.

At 9.46 we leave. Peaceful journey.

Alle 10.37 una telefonata in vivavoce ci fa sussultare: il prefisso 06 ci fa subito pensare al day hospital dell’ospedale Bambino Jesus.

So it is. It is Dr. Paiano who in a reassuring voice informs us that in order to anticipate the times, and given that at the San Paolo office there is room for the resonance of Eugene, instead of the Gianicolo where they are overwhelmed with emergencies, he redirects us to that location.

I set the new destination on the sat nav.

Eugene he is always by my side. All time!

And it was Monday
Eugene by car

Raggiungere la sede dell’ospedale Bambino Jesus a San Paolo è più semplice del previsto: un pezzo di grande raccordo anulare, Cristoforo Colombo e siamo arrivati. Ampio parcheggio sotterraneo, saliti, già ci aspettavano.

by car to Rome
drive to Rome
e lunedì fu: Eugenio e Francesca a OPBG San Paolo
Eugene e Francesca a OPBG San Paolo

La saletta antistante la stanza della risonanza è accogliente, e la gentilezza e la cordialità del personale sanitario è meravigliosa! Subito si prodigano per fornire a Francesca materiale da disegno, per farle occupare il tempo necessario alla risonanza del fratello.

There is also a small gadget that simulates exactly the resonance apparatus that our warrior will have to undergo.

At 12.30 I ed Eugene entriamo nell’aula bunker della risonanza magnetica.

To the sound of gnnn, treaty, bumbumbum, cracracra, it lasts about 2 hours. The entry of the needle into the left arm is a little painful, but Eugene Ironman resta fermo fermo e la risonanza prosegue indisturbata.

This Siemens machine is fresh fresh: it has been in operation since June. The room is beautiful: LED lighting with floral designs, air conditioning at the right temperature, and even Eugene while he is in the tunnel he also enjoys a movie in streaming.

And Monday was 17
E lunedì fu 143

Giuseppina e Francesca trascorrono questo tempo disegnando, colorando e facendo selfie: in un ospedale pediatrico non manca mai il supporto ai bambini.

Alle 14.30 è finita. Io sono sempre con il mio bambino, il mio ragazzo, il mio uomo.

Eugenio comes out of the resonance room
Eugene exits the resonance room

The time that the neurosurgeon checks the valve Codman now an integral part of the beautiful head of Eugene, and it's over!

Francesca mostra le sue ultime opere all’amato fratello.

Usciamo dal meraviglioso Ospedale pediatrico Bambino Jesus, ringraziando God e la sua Church, che ci dona queste cure delicate e speriamo risolutive.

It runs the obligation, but it is also a pleasure since it is practically attached, to visit the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. Spectacular!

After all the effort made by Eugene for resonance, the gift could not be missing: a visit to a shopping centre. We choose, since it is on the way home, the outlet Valmontone. A short visit, but the cold and tiredness make themselves felt.

Valmontone outlet
one of the many shops in the Valmontone outlet

At 18.15 we set off again in the direction of the Dragoni house. At about 20 we are at home.

And this too is done.

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