Act of entrustment of young people to Mary

Act of entrustment of young people to Mary of Saint John Paul II

"Here is your Mother!"(Jn19, 27)
It is Jesus, or Virgin Mary,
than from the cross
wanted to entrust us to you,
not to tone down
but to reiterate
his exclusive role as Savior of the world.

If in the disciple John,
all the children of the Church have been entrusted to you,
the more I like to see entrusted to you, O Mary,
the youth of the world.
To you, sweet Mother,
whose protection I have always experienced,
I'm entrusting them again tonight.
under your cloak,
in your protection,
they seek refuge.
You, Mother of divine grace,
make them shine with the beauty of Christ!

They are the youth of this century,
that at the dawn of the new millennium,
still experience the torments of sin,
from hatred, from violence,
from terrorism and war.
But they are also young people to whom the Church,
look with confidence in awareness
that with the help of God's grace
they will be able to believe and live
as witnesses of the Gospel
in the today of history.

O Mary,
help them to respond to their calling.
Guide them to the knowledge of true love
and bless their affections.
Support them in the moment of suffering.
Make them intrepid heralds
of Christ's greeting
nel giorno di Pasqua: Pace a voi!
With them, I too rely
once again to you
and with confident affection I repeat to you:
Totus tuus ego sum
I'm all yours!

And each of them too
with me he shouts to you:
Totus tuus
Totus tuus


To the young people of the diocese of Rome and Lazio, in preparation for the XVIII World Youth Day, April 10, 2003

Act of entrustment of young people to Mary of Saint John Paul II
Saint Giovanni Paolo II

source © Dicastery for Communication

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